Thursday, January 01, 2015

Michigan's Thumb

If you've never been to Michigan's Thumb area, you may like to take a trip. While I think most people would prefer this trip in the summer when swimming and warm weather is available, or in the fall when there are beautiful colors to observe, we chose to do the visit on a chilly, overcast, winter day. We will be going back again in the summer.

We drove up I-94 past Port Huron, and began the journey along M-25.  We followed M-25 along the coastline.

Roadside park on M-25. Lake Huron overlook.

There is a set of cement steps leading down to the beach area. There is also a picnic area and toilets. Toilets are closed during the winter.

Location of this roadside park.

Sumac Tree. I've always liked this tree.
Sumac on the trail.

The Pte Aux Barque Lighthouse is a nice stop no matter what time of the year. Although in the winter it is closed. It still was very nice to walk around and check out the grounds.

 Pte Aux Barque Lighthouse

Random Field

Further up M-25, you will come across the small town of Grindstone City. Back in the day this was a very busy place. Now, it's almost vacant. Throughout the small town you will see these grindstones in different yards of homes, and businesses.

At the tip of the thumb is Port Austin. It is a beautiful place in the summer, and a quieter, more quaint place in the winter. There is a welcome center that is open year round. You can walk out near the marina and park and see the lighthouse in the distance. In the welcome center is this model of the lighthouse. 

The Garfield Inn is a cool-looking building. President Garfield was friends with the builder and original owner, and now the building is named after him.
Information about the Garfield Inn
Once you pass through Port Austin, the next more popular area is Caseville. Caseville has a state park, and beautiful sunset views. We walked out on the pier at one of the parks. In August, Caseville has the Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival.

After leaving Caseville, we headed back inland. Our goal was to see the Octagon Barn. Unfortunately they were closed for the season. We still got some nice outdoor photos, and will plan a visit again after they open.



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